Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,
Shri. Narendra Modi;
signing the foundation stone
for Rising EPS Cement Panels Plant in India.

About Us

     Rising Hongfa Group is an integrated science and technology enterprise, which during the last 25 years has been undertaking pioneering work in technologies development and machinery manufacturing, and to utilize the same in relative fields. We develop, design and manufacture various new products in our state-of-the-art production centers; using raw materials and techniques which have a carbon negative footprint. Most of our products and technologies are not only economical and durable, but also environment friendly. 

     With an annual turnover of approximately US$ 200 million, the group has multiple factories with a consolidated manufacturing footprint of over 440,000 sqm, spanning more than 35 countries, across 5 continents of Asia, North & South America, Europe & Africa. More than 750 plants of different types and technologies produced by us, are working all over the world. Our products are non-toxic Green products, which is earning us good will, appreciation and satisfaction.

     With our vast international experience in developing, manufacturing, installation and project-management expertise, we also jointly-invest under various programs and schemes of Governments in different countries. 

     The below are some related companies of the Rising Hongfa Group with common resources in Research & Technologies development. Though the manufacturing plants are separate for each, we share and utilize the outcome in relative fields. 

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